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Our 1800's Pedigree listed oldest to newest.


John Mahon (1744)


Pleasant Mahon Family History-

1802 Marriage to

  • Polly (Mary) Williams - (b: 1782 d: Mar 13, 1844).

1807 Birth of

  • Edmund Mahon Eldest son (Male b: 1807 d: 1875 - Edmund married Polly Casey (b:1810 d:1880).


  • Edmund and Polly had 8 or possibly nine children. Most noteably were three brothers who fought in the Civil War as confederates for the 38th Regiment Virginia Volunteer Infantry.



  • George W. Mahon (b: Sep 28, 1836 d: Jun 4, 1862)
    • Pvt., Co. K., 38th Virginia Infantry
    • Enlisted June, 02, 1861 at Cascade.
    • Present till MWIA 05/13/1862 at Seven Pines. (Missing while in action)
    • Historical note: Death as a result of battle injuires or complications thereof.


  • Pleasant Mahon (b: Mar 12, 1833 d: Apr 30, 1900)
    • Pvt., Co. K., 38th Virginia Infantry
    • Enlisted June, 02, 1861 at Cascade.
    • Present till sick in hospital 05/1862.
    • Returned prior to 8/31/1862.
    • Extra duty as Brig. Butcher by 12/31/1864.
    • Present through 2/25/1865
    • Paroled at Appomattox 4/09/1865.


  • Pliant Mahon (b: 1835 d: 1880+).
    • Pvt., Co. K., 38th Virginia Infantry
    • Enlisted June, 02, 1861 at Cascade.
    • Present till sent to Cimborazo Hospital #4 10/24/1861 with typhoid feversick in hospital 05/1862.
    • Present till POW Gettysburg 07/03/1863.
    • Took oath at Fort Deleware and released the 6/20/1865.
    • Resident Henry Co, dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, 5' 8".


1804 Birth of

  • Sarah Mahon - (Fem b: Jan 1, 1804 d: 1870+). Married Josiah Bullington


1807 Birth of

  • Shepard Mahon - (Male b: Mar 11, 1807 d: Sep 5, 1845). Married Nancy Griggs.
    • Note:Paternal ancestor to the Bakersfield Mahon's.


1814 Birth of

  • Nancy Mahon - (Fem b: 1814 est d: unk). Married John Garret


1816 Birth of

  • Elizabeth Mahon - (Fem b: 1816 est d: Jan 4, 1858. Records show she married a man named Plyant Mahon. (Still investigating this info)


1818 Birth of

  • Westly Mahon - (Male b: 1818 est d: Feb 28, 1885). Married Mary Godsey


1820 Birth of

  • Rueben Mahon - (Male b: 1820 est d: unk). Married Virginia E. Harris


1822 Birth of

  • Williamson Mahon - (Male b: 1822 est d: 1850+). Married Martha A.


1824 Birth of

  • Mary Mahon - Fem b: 1824 est d: unk). Not married


1826 Birth of

  • Jeduthan Mahon - Male b: Dec 22, 1826 d: Sep 1, 1900). Married Ruth Hoover


1827 Birth of

  • Julia Mahon - (Fem b: 1827 est d: Mar 8, 1881). Married Stephen Martin


Shepard Mahon Family History-


1832 Marriage to

  • Nancy Griggs - (b: May 22, 1805 d: Aug 17, 1863). on December 9, 1832 in Pittsylvania Co. VA


1833 Birth of

  • Sarah Ann Mahon - Fem b: Oct 7, 1833 d: Feb 25, 1918). Married Martin Ridenhour.


1835 Birth of

  • William Mahon - Male b: Feb 1835 d: unk). Married Louisa Rodgers


1838 birth of

  • Rutha Jane Mahon - (Fem b: 1838 d: unk). Married Alexander McQueen


1841 Birth of

  • Mary Mahon - (Fem b: Jul 6, 1841 d:Feb 25, 1921). Married Isaac Johnson


1842 Death of

  • Pleasant Mahon - Shepard's father and George M Mahon's grandfather dies in October.


1843 Birth of

  • George M(W) Mahon - (Male b:1843 d: unk). Married Virginia Rodgers.
    • George Mahon is a paternal ancestor to the Bakersfield Mahon's
    • He is Walter Mahon's grandfather.


1843 Death of

  • Shepard Mahon - Historical note: He is also listed as having died in 1845. This is probably a transposition error in the records. In any event George would not have known much of his father.
  • Other researchers records indicate that Nancy Griggs re-married on Aug 15, 1845 to Abraham Crider. This would support the death of Shepard in 1843 as compared to 1845.


George W. Mahon's Family History-


Historical notes: During our research George Mahon was listed as both George M. Mahon and George W. Mahon. When looking at the census records over the years it is easily seen that the M's and W's were not very distinctive. We have concluded that his middle initial was most likely 'W' as it seems to re-appear most often in later records. This matter was only complicated by the fact that there were several other George W Mahon's in the family tree (see children of Edmund above).


We have also found records indicating that Geroge Mahon was briefly enlisted in the Union Army in 1864, near the end of the Civil War. His enlistment lasted only 109 days and very little information is currently at hand on this subject. The important note is that, if true, brother may have fought brother during the conflict. A fact that was all too well known to many famlies of that era.


Starting in the 1860's the census records got much better and although not very comprehensive there was a great deal of information that we were able to extract. Most notably that George was married twice and had children from both marriages. It is interesting to note that the state of Missouri had repealed a law in the 1860's that required birth certificates. This law was not re-established until around 1910.


As of July 2006 we are searching the Missouri archives for any records available during that period. Most of the information provided below is the direct result of the 1880 census.


1862 Enrollment in Missouri Militia


1864 Relived from duty Missouri Militia

  • Historical note: Athough he registered in 1862, it appears that his unit was not organzied until April 30, 1864. Geroge's enlistment lasted only 109 days and very little information is currently at hand on this subject.


1866 Marriage to

  • Virginia Rogers (b: 1852 est d: 1880 est)
    • Historical note: As of July 2006 we do not have records of the marriage. If George was called to service for the war in 1864, census records indicate his first daughter was born approx 1868. That would put his marriage to Virgina Rogers between 1865 and 1867.


1868 Birth of

  • Nancy Mahon (Fem b: 1868 est d: unk) Marriages: Unk


1870 Birth of

  • Shepard E. Mahon (Male: b: 1870 est, d: unk) Marriages: Unk


1871 Birth of

  • Almpnia Mahon (Fem b: 1871 est d: unk) Marriages: Unk
    • First name also listed as Almpnis by other researchers


1874 Birth of

  • Cara A. Mahon (Fem b: 1874 est d: unk) Marriages: Unk
    • First name also listed as Clara A.


1877 Birth of

  • Mary S. Mahon (Fem b: 1877 est d: unk) Marriages Unk


1879 Birth of

  • James W Mahon (Male b: July 1879 d: 1907) Marriages: Barabara Schoenauer
    • Father of Lester and Walter Mahon.
    • Historical notes: James W Mahon was born on July 9, 1879 and was clearly listed on the 1880 census. At the time of the 1900 census a male named William J Mahon was listed with the exact same birthdate. It appears that the 'W' in the listing for James 'W' stood for William and the 'J' for the listing for William 'J' stood for James. It was very common (as it is today) that a person may prefer to use their middle name. This is the obviuos scenario as the are no further references to James W Mahon with that birth date. We are sure that William J Mahon the father of Lester and Walter mahon was in fact born as James W. Mahon.
    • When William Mahon died in 1907, he was listed a being born on July 9, 1882 on his grave marker. This was clearly an error as there are no references of any type for a William J Mahon born in that year in the census records.
    • During our research we have found that these type of mistakes were very common at the turn of the century for whatever reasons unknown.
    • Please refer to the 1900-06 pedigree section for more information about William J Mahon.


1880 Death of

  • Virginia Rogers - wife. (estimated)
  • Historical notes: In the 1880 census Geroge was listed as a widower. The census was taken on June 5th 1880. Janes W Mahon was listed as a son being 10 months old. This would indicate that Virginia would have given birth and then died either at child birth or shortly thereafter. The census also indicated that a caretaker named Harriet McQueen was living in the household. Most likely to care of James W and his young siblings.


1880 Marriage of

  • Lucinda Keeney to Robert Goodman
    • Historical Note: This is listed because Robert Goodman died a short time after his marriage to Lucinda. Lucinda would later marry George W Mahon and start a whole new Mahon branch of the family.


1885 Marriage to

  • Lucinda Keeney (b: 1858 d: Mar 25, 1924) - Second wife of George W. Mahon. Married on December 17, 1885 at his home in Osage Co, MO
    • Autors note: Lucinda in addition to having several children with George raised the remaining children of Georges from his marriage to Virgina Rogers. Since William would have been about 6 years in age at the time of their marriage, she was the mother that raised him into adulthood.


1886 Birth of

  • Jessie C Mahon (Male b: Nov 1886 d: unk). Marriages: 1 to unknown spouse


1888 Birth of

  • Leona M Mahon (Fem b: June 1888 d: unk). Marriages: unk


1891 Birth of

  • Maggie Mahon (Fem b:Mar 1891 d:unk). Marriages: unk


1896 Birth & Death of

  • Wright & Wray Mahon (Males b: May 9,1896 d: May 9,1896)
    • Historical note: Other researchers have noted the birth of these (twin) babies. This is collaborated in the 1900 census as Lucinda is listed as the mother of five living children and seven children including those who had died.


1897 Birth of

  • Rheyny Mahon (Male b: Oct 1897 d: May 17, 1977) Marriages: Mabel (maiden name unkown)
    • Historical note: Rheyny was listed on the census rolls up through 1930. He was also listed on several other documents including Lucinda's death certificate. Each time his name was spelled differently, migrating from 'Rheyny' to 'Rainny' to 'Rainy' and finally 'Rany' Mahon on his headstone and social security information. It is unkown at this time if he had any children. He was married to Mabel in the 1930 census. Jessie C Mahon was listed as divorced in the 1930 census and as a boarder in another household. Rany Mahon was the last male born to George W Mahon and the last male born in the 1800's directly related to the Bakersfield Mahon's.


As of July 2006 there is no information regarding Geroge W Mahon's death.


Mahon Family History Documents-


1864 Geroge W Mahon enrollment in Missouri Militia

1880 Census showing Geroge W Mahon, James (William) and siblings

1900 Census showing George W Mahon, Lucinda (wife), William and siblings.