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Our 1700's Pedigree listed oldest to newest.


John Mahon (1744-????)


John Mahon Family History


1744 Birth of

  • John Mahon (b: between 1744-48 est d: unk)
    • Historical note: John arrives in Colonial America and or has already settled in Virginia by birth. Current information indicates that he may have arrived from Ireland. His information was found in genealogical records compiled by other researchers. There is also a possibility that he was born in Virginia. Below is a listing found on He is also listed on early census reports.


  • ID: I2815
  • Name: John MAHON
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: Abt 1744 in Ireland Or Virginia


  • Additonal Historical Information
  • ID: I2810
  • Name: John MAHON
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: WFT Est. 1714-1748
  • Death: WFT Est. 1787-1835
  • Note:[FamilyTree.FTW]
  • [GroverFisherTree.FTW]
  • [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 4, Ed. 1, Tree #2363, Date of Import: Aug 6, 2000]


  • Came to America in the early 1700's and settled around Fredricksburg, Spotsylvania Co., Va. According to a great-grandson, John was killed during the Revolution by a British soldier, who had demanded the silver knee buckles on his breeches and the silver buckles on his shoes.
  • Pliant and Johnson Mahon, sons of Thomas Mahon, said their father told them that three Mahon brothers came to the United States in the 17th century, from Ireland. Two of the brothers located in Pittsylvania county, Virginia, one or both of them were soldiers in the Revolutionary War. The other brother located in Lynchburg, Virginia. He was uneducated and they lost any communication with him, and they know nothing definitely of his poterity. Source- The Mahon History.
  • John was thought to have come from Ireland in the early 1700's. Land records and marriage bonds give credence to the fact that he and 6 sons were in Cascado, VA by 1790. James may have settled near Bowling Green, KY. Doctor and Thomas D. came to IL, Pleasant stayed in VA , but his son, Wesley came to Illinois and raised a large family.- Mahon Geneology paper from the Fayette County Geneological Society.
  • One John Mahon listed as spy on Capt. John Wilson's Pittsburgh Pay roll, Oct. 2, 1775. Paid 15 pounds, 4 shillings for 177 days.- National Archives- Mahon Geneology.
  • One John Mahon on pay roll of Grayson's regiment, Oct. 1777 to discharge July 31, 1778. Discharged "because of rheumatism" signed by Col. James Wood, 3 V., 25 Aug. 1778. Journal of House of Delegates 1777-80 lists "petition of John Mahon...Col. Grayson's regiment until discharge because of rheumatism...that he has wife and unable to maintain and praying relief."-National Archives. Mahon Geneology.


176? Marriage to

  • Jane Byrd (b: Abt 1748 d: Abt 1788)
    • Historical Note: According to geneaological records he was married to Jane Byrd no later than 1765. She is also listed as Jane Dial, possibly her maiden name or a name from another marriage.


1777 Birth of

  • Pleasant Mahon (Male b: 1777 Campbell co VA, d: Oct 1842).
    • Pleasant Mahon is a paternal ancestor to the Bakersfield Mahon's.


1782 Birth of

  • Isom Mahon (d:Oct 10, 1782 d: Aug 22, 1868).
    • Historical Note: Other researchers have listed his place of birth as Pittsylvania Co. VA. and his year of birth as 1786, however I beleive that the 1782 date has better documentation.


Sources:, records compiled by researchers for other family lineages.

Reliability: Very good. (See Our DNA History for more information about the reliability of this information).